Information for Gentlemen wishing to join
Lodge of Hope No 2153

The Lodge of Hope No 2153 was consecrated on Wednesday 12th May 1886 at a meeting at Thorngate Hall in Gosport, Hampshire. There were 28 Founder Members all of whom signed the petition to form the Lodge, many of whom were then members of Gosport Lodge No 903. The Lodge held its first regular meeting on Wednesday 19th May 1886 in the India Arms Hotel at Gosport. The Lodge moved from Gosport to Portsmouth in 1900.

In the years following the Lodge's consecration, it went from strength to strength and in 1946 a proposition was made to consider an application to sponsor two new Lodges, Royal Marine Portsmouth Lodge and St Thomas Lodge Portsmouth. These two new Lodges were consecrated in 1947 and 1948 respectively.

Since that time, due to the strength of Lodge of Hope, the Lodge has in total sponsored five 'Daughter Lodges' and has strong affiliations with others in the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight. One of those is St Vincent Lodge who meet at Fareham. Very close ties exist between these and other Lodges and members visit each other's meetings on a regular basis.

The dress code of the Lodge of Hope has been somewhat relaxed over the years - initially starting out as full evening dress, due to the constraints of modern living and to make life easier for the members, this has now been changed to give members more choice depending on their own circumstances. It is now acceptable to wear either a Dinner or Dark Lounge suit with white shirt, black tie and black shoes.

The Lodge of Hope currently holds eight regular meetings a year at the Masonic Hall, Five Heads Road, Horndean. Meetings generally start at 6pm and are held on the third Tuesday of the month. The Lodge has been an active participant in Freemasonry for over 120 years, celebrating its Centenary in 1986.

The Lodge of Hope is a strong and progressive Lodge which, as of December 2004, numbered some 69 subscribing members. It is renowned for the warmth of its welcome, the sense of humour that pervades at its meetings and for its active social events calendar.

Should you be interested on joining our Lodge or if you require further information please do not hesitate to contact our Secretary whose contact details below.

Yours Fraternally
Worshipful Master
Lodge of Hope No 2153

For more information please contact:-

WBro Cliff McGaughey, (Secretary)
32 Bucklers Court,
North End,

Tel: 023 9234 9047
Mob: 07973263897