An opening word from our Worshipful Master

Greetings and welcome to our Lodge Website.

I take much pleasure in welcoming you, be you Mason or not and hope that you will find this Masonic web

site both useful and informative.

Our Lodge is one of a group of Lodges that meet at Clanfield Masonic Hall. (See the 'Find Us' pages by clicking the tab above). Our Hall was purchased after the last war having once served as a Territorial Army HQ. In fact our dining room was once the indoor 25 metre shooting range - needless to say it has been transformed over many years of investment into a very comfortable centre - no trace of Button Sticks or Ammunition Boots to be found anywhere these days. Our hall (The Centrepoint) is also available for members of the public to hire for their private parties and functions when there is space in the Masonic calendar. Contact - 02392 -591022 to enquire regarding availability.


What I will say however is what it is not - Freemasonry is NOT a secret society as many surmise. It is a voluntary association where the interested comes of his own free will and accord.
The Internet alone has put paid to the misnomer that Freemasons hide behind closed doors.
If you are visitor to the New Forest Show in Hampshire and many other similar Country shows in the South, you will see a display trailer which travels under the banner 'Freemasonry in the Community' where the curious can meet Freemasons and their partners. If you do come across this display - ask questions - the people manning the display will be only too keen to answer them!!

Freemasonry is NOT a religion as many claim it to be. Nor is it purely the province of men as there are also in existence Freemasons Lodges for women.
What we have aimed to do with these few pages is show those that are genuinely interested, a small part of the true face of Freemasonry, the fraternalism and sense of fun that is fundamental to it and makes it what it is.

The Social events depicted on some of our pages give you a small sense of how we go about ensuring that Freemasonry in the UK remains the second biggest giver of Charitable donations outside of the National Lottery, as every one of the events pictured here was staged to raise money for various Masonic and Non Masonic Charities. Events such as these are held at Lodges that meet all over the UK, indeed all over the World and the money raised is passed on to various worthwhile causes.

Our Lodge at last count had 65 members and is on the up, bucking the present trend of declining Lodge membership. It has a rich and diverse history from its Consecration in 1886, and has existed through a period of time that has encompassed many changes in meeting place and indeed two World Wars!!

At one time between the Wars, our Lodge boasted a membership list 440 strong and was made up almost entirely of serving Royal Naval and Royal Marine personnel. In those days the Lodge meeting schedule was sometimes put awry if the Fleet was late home!!

In recent times members have emigrated as far afield as Cyprus, Spain and Australia and still found Freemasonry available to them.

The present Lodge membership, I know, will ensure that Lodge of Hope continues to go from strength to strength.

If you are interested in joining us, please read the information available to you (through the related Links to the various sources of information we have provided) and the details we have made available to you through the various pages of our Lodge Website.

If you are still interested, drop us a line - through any of the contact mechanisms found within our Website - and speak to our Lodge Secretary.


Worshipful Master
Lodge of Hope No 2153